First Time in A Car

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
First Time in A Car

I had just bought a new truck. Of course I was excited, but not as excited as I was about getting Heather. First let me tell you about myself. I am 6'1", light blue eyes, brown hair with /blonde/">blonde hightlights, built (complete with 6 pac) and a /cock/nice-cock/">nice cock. 

Heather and I are both seniors at a small Texas high school and she just broke up with her boyfriend. To take the pain off of her, I told her that I would pick her up in the mornings to take her tohigh school. I had been trying to hook up with this goddess since 7th grade, but she always rejected saying I wasn't her type. 

The /first-time/">first time I picked her up, she was wearing a blouse, which showed a lot of cleavage, and those tight jeans that showed her beautiful ass. I had to stop myself from getting a /boner/">boner right then and there. Once we parked the truck, I started putting my moves on. I complemented her on her clothes and how her hair glowed in the morning sun. But that didn't work. I did the same thing for two weeks when something finally happened.

Sitting their by ourselves every morning, she always sat right next to me on the bench seats. Finally, I had the courage to kiss her. I thought she would just push me away saying she wasn't ready, but it didn't happen that way at all. We made out for what seemed like forever when the bell rang. I haven't picked her up from school over the past two weeks, but she asked me to. After school that Friday, we went out to our town lake and just sat there making out till sunset. She grabbed my cock, which was semi hard at this point, and started trying to jack me off through my jeans. I started to take off her tight shirt and popped the bra off that held her C cup breasts. 

Ten minutes later, we were both completely naked when she went down on my 8 1/2" cock. I was in ectasy. My first sexual experience was happening in my brand new Chevy. Heather kept licking, but when she started sucking is when I lost my mind. "Heather I am about to cum" I told her. She didn't care. "I AM CUMMMMMING!!!". After she took all of my load, she forced a kiss on me. I was tasting my own cum, but I didn't care.

I laid her across the bench seat. I started by kissing my way down her beautiful body. After sucking her nipples to an /erection/">erection, I made my way down to her shaved pussy. I had barely touched her clit with my tounge and she began wwwxxx to scream in pleasure. She forced my head down to eat out her pussy. After she came and my face fell asleep, we kissed forever. After sucking my cock back to erection, she was ready.

Being careful was a big thing in our school. She didn't want to be like the three girls who dropped out for being /pregnant/">pregnant. She put a condom in her mouth and expertly wrapped in on my waiting cock. Heather slowly lowered her virgin pussy on my virgin dick. she screamed just as I was entering her pussy. Once half of my cock was in her was when I broke her hymen. She was in pain, but she was in pleasure. I didn't have to do anything because she was working her tight body on me.

After ten minutes I layed her down across the seat and took control. I started slowly since she had just had her first orgasm and started to gain speed. I was pounding Heather's twat as hard as I could when I knew I was about to cum. "Heather, it's time!" "Don't stop Cody, just keep it up." We came together in that Chevy.

We made out in a pile on my bench seat forever. That wasn't the last time the the wwwxxx Chevy was rocking to mine and Heather's movements. Heather and I our now married, and we still go out to my broken pile of heap in the back yard to relive our younger years.