Wifes mom

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Wifes mom

During this time my wife Misty found herself in /jail/">jail. Serving 6 months for drug possession, D.U.I.,parole violations. My mother in law Debie at the time was divorced. She usually had dates on Friday nights. So I did not expect her home so early. I had just got out of the shower just in my briefs. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich when she walked in.

"Oh hi I wasnt expecting you so early." She came in wearing my wifes coat and holding a 12 pack of Budweiser in one hand and a brown paper sack in the other.

"I went to visit your wife today." She staired at me for a few seconds.

"I better go put something on."

"Dont worry about it. We both are adults here." A flirtatious smile appears on her face. She puts the beer and sack down on the table and began taking the leather trench coat off. She wore a black and white zebra striped dress. With a belt around her waiste and black high heeled boots. Shes an attractive woman in her late 40s with red hair /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs and a plump ass.

"How is Misty doing?"

"Okay I guess. They sent her things home. She wanted me xxx to give you something." I watch as she opens the sack. She takes out the pair of black pumps my wife was wearing when she was arrested. My dick began to get hard looking at her slutty high heels sitting on the kitchen table.

Thinking about her undressing in front of others turned me on. She then takes out her blue jeans and a red sweater. She had a plastic zip lock bag that contained her /underwear/">underwear. She opens it and hands me her black satin panties. I smell them. They still smell like her freshly fucked pussy.

"Oooh We got pictures." Debie said opening the envelope. The first two was her mug shots. Full body pictures. Standing in front of a height chart. One facing the camera the other shot from the side. The 3rd. one was her sitting topless in a chair with her legs spread. The 4th 5th and 6th ones was a side shot of Misty looking down watching a female guard remove her shoes and examine her stocking clad /feet/">feet.

"Thats the woman that searched me today."

"I know her. We went to school with her. Did you have to strip?"

"All the way to my bra and pantyhose." She looked at my stiff prick again bulging from my briefs as I was looking through the rest of my wifes pictures. She then touched my cock with her fingers.

" Mmmmm Your so hard. How about slipping your underwear off and joining me on the couch. I put the pictures down and dropped my shorts and followed her. She got in the floor between my legs and stroked my cock.

"Ive been wanting this for a long time." She turns her head to the side and slips her teeth out. She goes down on me working my cock in and out. I know her /daughter/">daughter can give a good blow job but nothing like this. It was not long I was cumming in her mouth. She puts her teeth back in and sits next to me. We kiss she slips her tongue in to my mouth with my cum still on it. Sharing it with me. We brake our kiss.

"Your turn now stud."

"Yes mamm" I unbutton her dress and pull her tits out of her bra and start sucking them.

"Oooh....Thats right feels good." My left hand goes to her thigh moving it up to her pussy.

"Eat me out stud." She ordered. I got between her legs and as I pulled her boots off. She took her belt off porn videos download and pulled her dress up and off. I wrestled her out of her pantyhose and looked at her neatly trimmed pussy as she tosses her bra to the floor. I get busy eating her out and fingering her.

Minutes later she has her first orgasm. Locking her thighs around my head. She relaxes and gets up takes my hand and leads me to her bed. I lay down she straddles my cock and rides me like the wild cougar that she is. We both /climax/">climax together in one /orgasm/big-orgasm/">big orgasm. We kiss once more as she lays on my chest and falls asleep.