Amber Gets Stretched The final chapter

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Amber Gets Stretched The final chapter

When the day of the shoot finally arrives, I decide not to even open the shop, hoping that Doug will let me on set during the filming so I can watch as Amber gets fucked senseless. When Amber arrives, Im instantly turned on by her outfit. She is wearing a skin tight shirt that hugs her tits perfectly, not hiding anything and exposing her stomach. Her skirt is very small, showing lots of ass. "The guys are going to love you," I say with a grin. Amber pushes her /blonde/">blonde hair back behind her ears, looking quite nervous. "Im excited and /scared/">scared," she says with a laugh, "Are you going with me?" "If Doug lets me baby, Ill be there." Amber looks relieved after my response and sits down next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. When Doug arrives, he seems excited Ambers outfit, claiming that guys who watch the video will cum before the fucking even begins. He invites me to come along and watch if I want. We climb into our cars quickly, taking off down the road to his studio.

When we arrive, everyone on set turns their heads to check out Amber, she grins widely, shaking her /ass/tit-ass/tits-and-ass/">tits and ass a bit for everyone. "Okay baby, we are going to start with a short interview so our viewers know a bit about you. You dont have to tell the whole truth, but dont make your lies obvious." Amber laughs, nodding her head in understanding. She lets Doug lead her over to the couch, sitting her down in front of the cameras. As he steps back, he motions for the cameras to roll.

"Hello Internet! Today we are bringing you an all new star on /chick/sexy-chicks/">sexy chicks and Unreal Dicks!" Doug pauses a moment as the cameras zoom in on Amber, checking out her tits and trying to get a view up her skirt. "So baby, whats your name?" Amber grins, leaning back and parting her legs slightly, "My name is Amber Stone." The camera catches a view of Ambers hot pink thong under her skirt. "What a pretty name Amber, and how old are you?" Amber giggles, "Im 18 years old, since last week." "You just turned 18? Wow babe, youre barely legal!" Amber laughs some more, opening and closing her legs to tease the camera. "You have an amazing body for someone so young. Just check out those tits!" Amber grins, grabbing her tits in her hands and shaking them for the camera, "Yeah, I love them a lot!" Doug laughs, "We love them too baby! How big are they baby?" "Theyre 36DD and all natural boys," Amber says with a sexy grin. "Well we certainly love that Amber," Doug says again. "How would you like to show them off to the camera?" Amber blushes, "of course," she says as she pulls her top off over her head. She covers her tits slowly with her hands, showing all but her nipples, teasing anyone watching at home.

Slowly, she moves her hands away, letting her tits show fully. "Damn baby," Doug says with a laugh, "those are some of the most /tits/perfect-tits/">perfect tits Ive ever seen! Although I hear you have a pretty incredible ass too." Amber blushes again, nodding her head as she says "So I have been told!" "Can you show us Hun?" Amber gets up, turning around as she places her knees on the couch and bending over the back. She grabs her skirt, pulling it up to show off her round ass. "Would you look at that," Doug says excitedly, "sexiest ass ever. Can you shake it for us baby?" Amber starts to shake her ass fast, causing it to bounce furiously. Slowly, she slides her thong down over her ass, pulling it off and throwing it toward the camera. "You are one very sexy 18 year old baby!" Doug says with a grin. "So I assume you know why you are here babe?" Amber turns back around, sitting down again but keeping her legs spread to show off her shaved pussy. "Im here to get fucked by some /real/real-dick/really-big-dicks/">really big dicks," she says sexily. "Thats right! But you get a special treat today baby. We have multiple cocks for you to take on instead of the usual one." Ambers eyes grow wide as she squirms nervously, "I cant wait," she says slowly. "So baby, whats the biggest dick youve taken?" I expect Amber to be honest, but she surprises me as she says, "Nine inches." Doug laughs a moment and says, "Well baby, we are going to fix that today! Shall we bring out the guys for you?" Amber nods her head slowly, as the first of the group walks into the set.

The first guy is nearly six feet tall, and ripped. Amber grins as she checks out his abs and the bulge in his jeans. The guy sits on the couch, bending over to kiss her as he grabs her tits in his hand. Amber moans softly as she starts to rub the guys cock through his jeans. She slowly starts to undo his pants, pushing them down to expose his massive cock. Amber gasps as she looks down, wrapping her fingers around 16" of rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. "You like that baby?" the guy says as Amber begins to stroke his shaft. "Its so big!" she says, blushing. Amber leans over, kissing the tip of the guys cock. She opens her mouth as wide as she can as she wraps her lips around his cock. The guy lets out a low moan as Amber struggles to take more than the first few inches into her mouth. I smile, truly enjoying the act she is putting on for everyone. After a few minutes, she pulls back, letting the cock slide out of her mouth. "Wow, youre so big, I dont think I can ever take that much cock in my mouth." The guy grins, standing up so his cock waves in front of Ambers face, "well you know babe, practice makes perfect. Well get you stretched wide enough to swallow me." He grins widely as he pushes his cock back into Ambers throat, going five inches in before she shows any sign of trouble. "Relax your throat baby, you can do this," he says softly as he pushes another inch in. Ambers eyes water a bit, but she doesnt pull away. Two more inches in and Amber slides her hand under her skirt, spreading her legs wide as she starts to rub her pussy. As she fingers herself, she manages to take three more inches into her mouth before she struggles again. "Awe babe you were doing so good!" the man says with a chuckle, "only six inches left to go." Ambers eyes grow wide as she realizes how much cock she still has left to take. Everyone knows she can do it, but she is acting very well for the camera. "Perhaps we need something to distract you as we do this babe," he says, sliding his cock out of her mouth.

He lays her down on the couch, on her back, standing at the end of the bed so Amber has to look up at him. He looks off the set a moment, nodding to someone else. A second guy appears out of the crowd and onto the set. He is built just like the first, with great abs and a huge 17" cock. Ambers eyes grow wide as the guy stands at the opposite end of the couch, his cock waving between her legs. "Dont worry baby, you dont have to take this one yet," he says with a slight Italian accent. Amber looks relieved for a moment, but then she slowly shakes her head, "No...I want to take it now. That has got to be the biggest cock Ive ever seen and I want you to use it." The guys share a grin as they both place their cocks to her mouth and pussy, slowly working the first inches in. Amber cries out in pleasure around the cock in her mouth as her pussy gets stretched wide. With her throat already stretched a bit from earlier, she takes about nine inches into her mouth as her her pussy gets stretched even further. Amber lets her body relax as the guys slowly start to fuck her, pushing their cocks in further. Within minutes, Amber has only two inches left to go in her mouth, and five in her pussy. "You got a foot in!" says the Italian proudly as he shoves another inch in quickly, "almost there babe." Amber moans as he slides another inch in fast, distracting her enough that the man in her throat slams the last two inches in hard. "Damn!" the guys echo as Ambers eyes slowly water.

He holds his cock still in her throat, her nose covered by his massive balls, forcing her to hold her breath. "Youre turn bro," alain lyle porn he says to the Italian. Amber arches her back as the Italian pushes further into her pussy, steadily shoving inch after inch. Finally, his cock goes in balls deep, causing Amber to moan heavily. The two of them start to fuck Amber hard, her body sliding back and forth along the couch as a third guy walks into the room. He stands beside Amber for a moment, watching as she gets fucked hard, before dropping to his knees. Bending over Amber, he slowly slides his hands along her body, running his fingers across her stomach and tits. He starts to squeeze her tits as he bends over to kiss them softly. Taking her nipples into his mouth, he sucks gently on her breasts, biting softly on her nipples. Amber shudders on the couch as she slowly approaches her first orgasm. She arches her back as she she reaches her /climax/">climax, her toes curling as she begins to cum hard. Apparently, the guys fucking her are at their limit too. "Step back," the Italian says to the guy on his knees. The two men pull out of Ambers holes, shooting load after load across her bare skin. When they stop, they simply get dressed and leave the room.

The last guy walks back to the couch, reaching down a hand to help her sit up. He sits down next to her and introduces himself as Jim. "That was pretty impressive babe, are you surprised you took that much cock?" Amber grins and nods her head, "Never in my life did I think I would get fucked by such monstrous cocks." Jim smiles and says, "well you know there are a few more guys here that want a chance to fuck you as well. Id be lying if I said I didnt want to stretch your holes myself." Amber laughs and says, Ill fuck you Jim, and anyone else out there with an unreal dick." "I love your energy baby, lets get to it!" Jim lifts Amber and turns her around, bending her over the top of the couch. He pushes down his jeans to expose an 18" long, /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock. Amber looks down and sees it, letting out a low moan as she spreads her legs, arching her back to push out her ass more. Jim grins and slaps Ambers ass, causing it to jiggle. He stands behind her, sliding the length of his cock along Ambers dripping pussy. When his cock is covered in her juices, he slides back, placing the head at her ass and pushing an inch in before Amber says, "No!" Jim stops as Amber moans deeply, "Ive never done anal before..." she says uncertainly. Jim bends over and kisses her neck, "dont worry baby, Ill take care of you!" Amber nods slowly as Jim starts to thrust his hips, pushing more and more into her ass. Amber moans loudly with every thrust, grunting as her "virgin" ass is stretched beyond belief. "Youre really vocal baby," Jim says with a chuckle, "perhaps we should muffle that sound a bit." With that being said, another guy walks up on set, standing behind the couch as he exposes his equally /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock. He shoves half of his cock into Ambers mouth, causing her to open her eyes wide. "Only nine inches to go baby! Im glad they already stretched your throat a bit for me!" He starts to fuck her face hard, making Ambers eyes water again and taking her focus off Jim long enough for him to shove another six inches into her ass.

Jim is clearly turned on even more by the sight of Ambers throat behind fucked, and he starts to slam into her ass hard. With each of Jims thrusts, Ambers body is thrown forward, forcing more cock into her throat. Finally the two guys completely fill Amber, but that only makes them fuck her harder. Ambers skin glistens with a mixture of cum and sweat as Jim says "Hey Doug! I think she is ready for Big Ben!" Big Ben walks onto set, and he is obviously named for both his build and his cock. Ben his ripped, with seriously huge muscles, and standing tall between his legs is 22" of rock hard, incredibly /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock. "There is no way thats real," I whisper to Doug standing next to me. "None of them are Gary, theyre all prosthetics, but our viewers dont know that," he says with a grin, "and neither does Amber." Jim lifts Amber up off the club as Ben slides under her, pressing his cock against Ambers pussy as Jim lowers her down. By the time Ambers knees hit the couch, nearly six inches of Bens /cock/large-cock/">large cock has stretched Amber wide. "Damn baby, your still so tight. Lets fix that!" Ben grabs Ambers ass, forcing her to take the rest of his cock as he lifts his hips off the couch. Amber screams around the cock in her mouth as the three guys start fucking her hard, slamming their cocks in with as much force as they can. Amber moans, grinding indian santali xvideo her hips along Bens monstrous cock as Jim continues to slam into her ass and the last guy fucks her throat.

Her body shakes as she reaches her second orgasm, cumming hard around Bens shaft. Jim climaxes next, pulling out his cock to cover Ambers ass in cum. The sight pushes the guy in Ambers mouth over the edge, filling her throat with cum before he pulls out and covers her face. Ben grabs Ambers ass, picking her up as she she wraps her legs around his waist. Ben pins Ambers back to the wall as he starts to slam his cock deep and hard inside. Amber screams and moans loudly as her pussy gets stretched wide. "Oh my God, Im cunning again! Fuck! Yes yes yes yes YES!! Fuck me fuck me! Dont stop." Ben laughs, "Yes maam" he says with a grin, fucking her even harder as she cums. Not five minutes later, Ben reaches his limit, shooting his load deep into her pussy. He pulls out, letting her stand on her own as he shoots more of his cum all across her stomach and tits. As Ben finishes, Amber grabs her tits and licks the cum off the parts she can reach with her tongue. "And cut!" The cameras stop rolling as Doug walks up to Amber, kissing her cheeks. "Baby, that was spectacular! I think we could make a career out of this for you. You could be paid to be on camera for people worldwide. What do you think?"

I leave the set, not wanting to know Ambers answer. When I get back to my house, I head down the beach, sitting at the waters edge. For hours I sit there it seems, before I hear footsteps behind me. "So baby, when do you start?" I ask with a sad smile. "Do you think I should say yes?" I hear Amber ask as she sits next to me in the sand. "Hell no," I answer, "I would miss you way to much." I look over at her and see her radiant smile, "Well then, I guess its a good thing I turned down the job offer."