Urban Mythos

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Urban Mythos

1.0: Palea felt warm, secure, enveloped in a cocoon of warmth and dampness. She breathed into her mask and curled up into a fetal position relishing the sense of security. She had awoken”Later under the glare of bright lights as hands roughly examine and probe her body. She shrieked in terror as she is invaded by needles and tubes while a cloth cleans off the fluid from her incubation chamber. The voices were much less comforting than she was used to, She was alone, Scared, and unable to communicate...but the words being spoken around her, she some how understood.

”Madame Xao, She's awake,” 
”Excellent, I think the programming is taking hold. Do we have the sample from the Donor?”
”Yes and it is ready for imprinting”
Another sharp prick, right underneath her ear as something warm is full hd xvideo download injected into her brain. She arches writhing against the restraints. Then finally, everything fades to black.
I am Property. I am only Property”

1.1: Palea had awoken once more, finding a woman with the one of the voices She heard before”a middle-aged woman who was all too quickly approaching Elderly. Palea was still a bit groggy when the older woman started to dress the girl up. The clothes were not something she was used to”Palea then whimpered in protest. Which brought a tug of hair. ”Stop Fussing, Do you understand?”
Palea Nodded, at least she knew how to do that””Yes”Madame Xao.” Palea was surprised by her own ability to speak. The Woman on the other hand, simply smirked. ”Good, what is your name then?”
”Palea, My”name is Palea.” She spoke haltingly as Madame Xao worked a small braid into the girl's hair.

”And what is your purpose?”
”The Purpose My /master/">master gives to me.” That came easy, a little too easy, and that bothered her. Of course Madame Xao chuckled, and guided the girl to a mirror”It was the /first-time/">first time Palea had ever seen herself, She was Asian, with a small body, a pretty face, With Dark-Pink hair, translucent green eyes and a pair of D-cupped breasts. He body was lean and Muscular, free of body hair while the long mane of Magenta was tied neatly into a ponytail with some bangs covering her forehead. Xao had dressed her in an emerald green Chinese dress that barely covered her thighs. The Top unbuttoned part way to display her cleavage. Her golden colored skin accented as She grin to herself”She was pretty. She did not notice when a helper summoned Xao. Together they walked down the hall to a waiting room where Palea spotted Him. He wasn't handsome (Not that She has anything to compare Him to), nor was He very tall. He had long, brown hair and deep gray eyes. His body was thickly built and He dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Still She could not help but keep her eyes lowered when the two women approached. Madame Xao on the other hand spoke very clearly.

”Mister Sleaghear, Here is the girl as you were promised. Now even though you were given a substantial discount I am hoping you have the rest of the money?” Xao's voice seemed to blend the worst aspects of sweetness, and bitter venom. The Man she addressed, however, shrugged and handed her a manila envelope. 

”30 thousand as you asked, in the kinds of bills you wanted. Care to count it in front of me?”
Xao narrowed her eyes'then shook her head. ”No, you do not seem the type to be stupid enough to short-change me. Besides, I know where you live. Our Mutual acquaintance has instructed me to tell you that He hopes this will settle the debt He owes?”
The Man Sighed”Looking Palea over. Then Nodded, ”His debt to me is fulfilled. Tell him I said thank you.”
Xao snorted in contempt then motioned to Palea. ”Palea, you will go with Him now, He is your master”Do you understand?” 
Palea nodded once more as her mind and eyes go to the Man; causing chemicals within her brain surge for a moment imprinting His image and voice and finally she moves behind him as He turns to leave. As Madame Xao sees them out the door, the old woman watches as they enter the car and drive off to parts unknown. Picking up a cell phone, she quickly dials and then speaks. ”Your transaction has been settled”yes the Homunculus was to his specifications'so OUR debt is settled? Excellent. ”

1.2: The car ride was quiet, as Palea sat looking out the window. It seems that Madame Xao worked in an inner city of some kind. Not that Palea would necessarily know what that means. All she sees are cars and people being passed by the car she rides in. She did turn to see the man Xao called Sleaghear focusing on driving the vehicle.
He managed a quick look then returned his gaze to the road.
”My name is Sleaghear De Macha, but you can call Me Shlay.”

Palea Listened quietly before nodding. Was he speaking her language? How would she know that? She finally whispers in mandarin: Yes Master”
The rest of the trip was quieter still until they reached a suburban street then a small house that they entered.

Palea's senses were assaulted with the smell of incense and scented candles. It was dark but not overly so as he locked the door behind them.

”Take off your clothes, in the house we are naked, unless we have company.” His words caused the girl to quickly unbutton her dress, she had no idea how she knew how to do that. But within moments, she stood as the dress pooled at her ankles, naked for his inspection as He took off his shirt. Folding her hands behind Her back She jutted her breasts forward causing Him to nod approvingly. ”Have you been fed?” Vincent asked nonchalantly as He worked His pants button and carefully pulled His jeans down. She stared long at His cock once it was exposed, marveling at the size of His member. She almost drooled with anticipation. ”No Master I have not.”

”Well then come here and feed.” He no sooner said that than Palea had gone to her knees, carefully stroking the nearly 12-inch piece of man-flesh. It throbbed in her hand before she took a long languid lick along its length tasting His flesh before taking it into her mouth. Something in her head seemed to flip as she continued taking long slow slurps. Taking it deep into her mouth before stroking every vein with her tongue. Her eyelids fluttered just as She slipped the cock head from her mouth with a loud Pop, standing to her feet clearly dwarfed by her master, She envelopes His cock with her breasts, and slides them along the slicked length, Causing him to moan loudly with each passing stroke.

The large soft globes seem to move like silk warming the throbbing piece of flesh, her soft voice a series of moaning coos as she looks up adoringly with her translucent pools of dark green, She lived for this”In spite of her self, she knew that this was her purpose. Her meaning, she needed his attention, and she had it when He lifted her up, wrapping the girl's legs around His waist just before impaling her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. She opened her mouth with a loud gasp as He pierces her hymen, tearing it causing her to cry loudly'tears streaming in her eyes. She was stretched and filled so deeply at first she was unsure of how to ride him'she writhed at first; trying to force the movements she thought He wanted. He finally whispered, ”Relax, you don't have to be perfect in doing this”just let your body feel good.”

He demonstrated this by slow long strokes that teased the tight muscles; which gripped at His cock. Finally She closed her eyes and matched His thrusts while clinging close, eventually pulling Him deep into her body. The thrusts between them growing more forceful as Her voice began rising a low series of squeals, Her eye lids flutters, Mouth Slacked with drool as the sound of pounding flesh and bone fill the house. She rode and was ridden hard until finally She screamed out, Over whelmed by the hard and sudden rush of her first orgasm”She wailed loudly until it finally subsides, and she carefully climbed from Him looking up with a bit of disappointment. ”You did not finish.” He shook his head, which caused her to once more wrap her breasts around His cock, pumping them slowly”carefully licking the tip of His cock, which began to ooze with His salty pre-cum. She quickly became enamored with its taste and gradually enveloped His cock head with her lips, She was so close, and She can feel it to taste her first sample of His food for her. Her Eyes closed as She began a feeding frenzy which plunged Him deep into her throat. His breathing began to Hitch as His member throbbed at the attention of His girl”Her face so close, His Cock so deep in her mouth, Her hands trembling as she is almost over come with hunger, Over come with her desire to taste Him. Her eyes look up begging, pleading with him, until the free porn movies download cock swells then explodes within her mouth. Gushing with heated jets which she Hungrily drinks, taking every drop she can deep into her stomach until finally she takes the last spurt, and the last drop which slowly oozes from his head. Her eyes conveying gratitude...”Thank you, Master, thank you for feeding me.”

1.3: The next Morning, Palea had woken up early, and began cooking breakfast, and having fed Her master proceeded with him into the city.
Sleaghear made His way to the offices of Goldman & Tischberg, and was shown in to the office of His agent Joel; who did not seem happy while he talked on the phone. Palea was told to wait in the Lobby.
”Yes Mrs. Haversham, I will send Him as soon as possible. No Ma”am, thank you. Good Day ma”am.”

Joel looked at Sleaghear for a few moments then sighed. Joel Tischberg was a middle-aged man whose short hair was balding at a rather frightening pace. Much of the hair-loss was usually blamed on Sleaghear.

”Shlay I have a case for you, however I noticed you took out thirty thousand dollars, is there a reason?”
Sleaghear nodded, ”I finally got the homunculus. She's really /cute/">cute, she's waiting just outside.”
Joel arched His eyebrow as he looked and Shook his head. ”She? And wasn't your ”Friend” Pong Mai supposed to pay for that?”
”The Alchemist said Pong Mai was only paying for the basic model, if I wanted extras I had to pay for them.”
”Extras?” Joel had no idea about this magic stuff, aside from what Sleaghear would talk about ”What Kind of extras?”
”/boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs and a couple of other perks.” Sleaghear said nonchalantly. ”Hey, I wanted to make sure I would be happy with her” Homunculi are serious commitments and I wanted to make sure I would be able to live with her. ”

Joel Shook His head, and sighed before sitting back in His chair. ”How your wife fell in love with you I have no Idea”I hope this will keep you from fucking the next client then?”
”My wife was special.” Sleaghear said as His eyes slowly glazed over, the thought of Her hadn't crossed his mind in a few days””weeks even, which does lead to a tinge of guilt and sadness. ”As to not fucking the next client, I keep telling you, I don't come on to them. They come on to me. I'm not making any promises about it.”

Joel thought for a moment, and then rolled his eyes”Last thing He needed was for Sleaghear to get moody. ”Sorry, I shouldn't have mentioned Cheryl it's just I really need you to mind your manners with this case, the client's name is Avrom Haversham, his wife is complaining of some kind of ghost in her house and needs you to exorcise it or find out what it wants. Avrom goes to my synagogue and I would really like it if you kept your dick in your pants. For My Sake?”

Sleaghear thought for a moment. ”Fine I'll behave. When do I start? I'm going to need to pick up My Homunculus to help me.”
Joel handed the Sorcerer a piece of paper with the necessary information. ”Be there at 6 p.m.; just go in, work your magic, and get out. Understood?”
Sleaghear nodded, ”Yeah, yeah, yeah; keep dick in pants, No lickie, No slurpie, gotcha.”

1.4: The White Lotus Restaurant in china-town was slightly more busy than usual. When Sleaghear entered, a rather large goon stopped him. It had been a while since He had seen an Ogre but He knew better than to challenge Him, At least in public. Holding up a couple of Hundreds, Sleaghear smiled a bit. ”Would you mind telling Pong Mai that Sleaghear is here to see Him? How's the wife and Kids doing,Kono?”

The Oni snorted taking the cash, ”Had to eat the bitch, She cheated on Me”Wait Here.” It took the Hideous monstrosity a couple of minutes to walk upstairs, then a couple more to walk back down motioning to Sleaghear to follow. The Sorcerer was finally shown into the Office of an Asian man, dressed in a white suit, speaking in a calm voice to someone on His cell phone. Sleaghear took a seat waiting for the boss to finish His conversation, and finally smiled when Pong-Mai Looked up and /hung/">hung up the phone. ”Shlay, it is good to see you. Did you enjoy the homunculus?”
Sleaghear nodded. ”Madame Xao did an excellent Job. I wanted to come in and thank you personally.”

Pong-Mai sat back and grinned. ”It was the least I could do for you. I'm just sorry it took for years to pay off the Karmic debt. My family wanted to make sure you had our heartfelt gratitude...especially given our History together.”

Sleaghear Shrugged: ”We were Rivals, Not enemies, Pong-Mai, Just the fact you were willing to pay so Much of the cost for the homunculus was sufficient.”
Pong-Mai arched His eyebrow, ”So Much of the cost? I paid all of it”including the breast augmentation and other enhancements”Madame Xao didn't tell you?”
Sleaghear shook His head: ”No she didn't, She told Me you were paying for the basic features'that if I wanted extra I had to pay for it. Fuck, She hosed us””
Pong-Mai's anger slowly manifested then was slowly shunted”He needed to do a lot today and did not need to cloud His mind with vengeance at this moment. ”My apologies Sleaghear, it seems that She managed to play us, how much are you out?”

”Thirty thousand.” Sleaghear grumbled. ”I wont really Miss it, but that's hardly the point”I will have to deal with her.”
Pong-Mai Shook His head. ”You are not Chinese, I would not advise it, but you are free to do as you wish. I had forgotten how much she hates Americans; I did not think that she would risk angering me. I will see to it your money is returned to you.”

Sleaghear knew enough to just nod. ”Okay, Just be careful, from what I saw She really knows her shit. Tell your sister I said Hello”how is her son?”
Pong-Mai smiled widely: ”Getting big, my sister and her husband will be sending you their Christmas card. My Nephew seems to have gained my talent for Kung-Fu, there may be two of us coming to challenge you soon.”

Sleaghear Chuckles: ”Actually your sister was a much better opponent than you.” He winks while standing up to bow at the waist. ”So most likely He inherited His kung-fu from her.”
Pong-Mai Laughed””Finally a challenge from you”When?”
Sleaghear shrugged. ”This coming Saturday? Vic's Gym?”
Pong-Mai returned the bow””Until Then. I hope you bring your ”A” game”I plan on kicking your ass.”
”Just because you plan, it doesn't mean you will succeed. Later Pong-Mai.”