Shower With My Brothers Friend

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Shower With My Brothers Friend

Hi my name is Justin. I’m 18 and a senior in high school.i'm 6'2, hazel eyes, and black spiky hair. im captain of my highschool swim team. And I the swim team to thank for my smooth lean muscular body. 

I've always enjoyed swimming, for many reasons but mostly because I get to see hundreds of /boy/hot-boys/">hot boys walking around in only nothing but Speedos. That’s right I’m gay. So I got out of practice one day and drove home. When I got there, i walked to my room and flopped down onto my bed. laying there i could think of nothing but the hot guys on my swim team and the fact that i smelled strongly of chlorine . So I decided I’d take a shower and handle some business of my own (hint.hint. im a gay teen boy, who just got out of practice and has the mental image of 20 hot guys walking around in Speedos, and is about to get in the shower what business am i talking about, think aboutit).

So I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I quickly took off my shorts and my shirt, and was standing there in only my Speedo. As I was checking myself out in the mirror, my brother’s friend Chris jumped out of the shower. now let me tell you, Chris is hot. he's on my highschool's football team. I looked up and down his beautiful body. I started from his beautiful green eyes, down his perfectly sculpted pecks and down his beautiful washboard abs. My eyes traveled further and further down until I reached his unbelievable 9 inch cock. 

My mouth dropped. Beads of water ran down this football player's body. See he’s a year younger than me.but i have no problem with younger guys, especially not this one. he was hotttt. I didn’t want him to catch me checking him out, so i turned the other way and headed for the door. ’ sorry man, I didn’t know you were in here. I’ll just wait outside.’ I said. ’Wait,’ he said, as he grabbed my arm pulling me back into the bathroom. ’What?’ I asked. ’ I saw you checking me out.’ he said. "dammit" I was busted. 

This was it. He was gonna tell my brother and then my brother was gonna make my life a living hell. ’ ya know. I don’t think it’s fair’ he said. ’What are you talking about?’ I asked. ’ I don’t think it’s fair that you got to see all of me and I didnt tget to see any of you’ he said. I was shocked. I was worried about him freaking out and he wanted to see me as /bad/">bad as I wanted to see him. I closed and locked the bathroom door. What the hell I thought. My brother’s not here, so why not? 

I grabbed Chris and pushed him against the wall. my hands went /crazy/">crazy all over his body as we began to kiss. i felt his tongue poke it's way into my mouth and i wasn't about to stop him. as we were kissing i felt his hands make their way down my smooth chest and into my Speedo. he gently caressed my now hardening cock. he was driving me crazy and before he could go any farther, i took his hand out of my Speedo and dropped to my knees. and there looking at me straight in the face was Chris's amazing 9 incher. it was the most beautiful cock i'd ever seen. it was uncut, which drove me wild. i adore uncut cocks. i took his cock into my mouth, taking care to circle his large head with my tongue as i sucked on his cock. 

Chris began moaning. "Fuck yeah. suck my cock." this made me suck harder, i didnt want to disappoint my extremely /friend/hot-friend/">hot friend. i took his entire cock in my mouth and as i did so, Chris began to moan louder. He started yelling, "oh shit Justin, Im gonna cum." i sucked harder and Chris let a loud moan and i felt his cum hit the back of my throat. i started pulling out his cock i wanted to taste his delicious cum. he shot 3 or 4 loads of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth. "you're amazing." he said. almost out of breathe. "its my turn." he said. with that he reached down and pulled my Speedo off. 

My cock sprang to life. "Very nice." "thanks" i replied. he put his head between my legs and swallowed my cock. it was the most amazing sensation id ever felt in my life. he was very experienced in the art of blow jobs. he took my whole 8 1/2 inch cock into his mouth. he sucked it hard and fast. i could feel myself ready to cum." oh shit" i yelled. " i wanna taste all of your cum" he said. this drove me crazy and i could hold it no longer. the cum escaped out of my cock into his willing mouth. he swallowed my cum, and licked my cock clean. his cock had gotten hard again. " i wanna fuck your /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass" he said. we both got into the shower and turned on the water. he bent me over and got on his knees. he spread my cheeks and i felt his tongue penetrate my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. he licked around my cock craving ass and then stood up. he old waman xxxgx could feel him put his cock up against my /asshole/">asshole. 

I braced myself. i had never had a cock this large inside me before. actually id never had a cock inside me before. id blown and been blown but never fucked. "relax" he said. a sharp pain went through me as he pushed his cock inside me. the pain relaxed and was joined by pleasure. the pain and the pleasure together felt extremely good. he hit my prostate with his amazing cock and i came again in the shower. he /ass/ass-fucking/fucked-my-ass/">fucked my ass harder and harder. he pulled out and layed me on my back. he put my legs on his shoulders and again pushed his cock in my ass. now i could watch this beautiful creature fuck me. i watch as his eyes closed. i heard him moan. he started to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder and faster. again he moaned."oh justin, im gonna cum in your /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass." i began to grind my ass against him which drove him nuts and he let out one loud moan and i felt his cum explode in my ass. he collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside of me. we layed there for a while as the water fell down on us. 

I felt his cock fall out of my ass as it softened. we began to kiss passionatley and then just stayed there in the shower. my brother came home and Chris left the bathrom. i stayed in and washed myself off. i left the bathroom and found my brother and Chris in his room playing video games."what's up?" i asked. "not much" my brother relpied. "hi chris" i said. smililng and giving him a wink." hey justin" whats going on?" " not a whole lot, what have you been up to" i asked. "nothing bokep sma pecah perawan really" he said and he lauged. "hey justin" my brother said. "you dont mind if Chris stays over tonight do you?" " of course i don't mind" i said. "he can stay over any time he wants. man i love my brother's friends.