My driving trip

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My driving trip

When I got my first car I drove South for a holiday. I had a wonderful time screwing a few of the local boys I had met in the pubs and clubs. On the way home I decided to go home via the inland roads taking my time and exploring country towns. Well one night it was late my fuel gauge was low and each small town I went through was closed. No 24 hour pumps there. I thought I would have enough fuel to get to the next town hoping milf porn videos to find a petrol station that may be open. Just a few km outside the town I had just left I saw a pub with a petrol pump out front. Slamming on the breaks I drove in. I went inside and saw it was a typical old style country pub with the 4 mandatory patrons staring into beers and talking with the bartender.

It was hard to pick their ages as all looked ancient from years in the sun and hard physical labor on the farm. I explained to the bartender my plight. He said sure little lady but it will cost you a shout for the bar. I wanted the fuel so I had no problem buying them all a beer. The bartender and I walked out to the car and he started to fuel it up. As he was doing that he was giving me a good look over and I caught him looking down my semi open shirt and at my legs as i only had a short skirt on. He commented that they rarely had women stop there adding especially one so young and sexy. He asked me my name and age and when I told him I was 18 he whistled saying well Beth you are the same age as my /daughter/">daughter and the guys inside could be my granddads. He moved closer to me and put both hands on my breasts saying don’t worry just checking they were real. I did not complain and let him feel them through the material of my shirt. He smiled at me and said you like this don’t you? Your nipples have gone rock hard. I nodded and he undid the last of the buttons pulling the shirt open fully and exposing my braless breasts beneath. He groaned, pushing me against my car, as he grabbed at them before falling to his knees and sucking each nipple deep into his mouth alternately. I of cause was moaning by now myself and I grabbed his head and begged him to suck harder. But I was wanting more than what he was giving me.

He pushed his hand between my inner thighs and squeezed my panty clad pussy. He looked me in the eye and said bluntly if I wanted a fuck. I said yes and feeling horny as hell told him instead of buying a shout for the bar I would let everyone inside fuck my bare pussy and cum in me. Smiling He finished filling up my car before going inside with a promise to do the same to me. After Locking the door on the bar he went out back to dim the lights. He emerged with a few towels which were thrown over a table before announcing to all present that my name was Beth and my ’Shout’ was in the form of consent to allow them to all fuck me. He informed them that I was on the pill and that i requested that they fill me with their cum.

The old boys sat up with big smiles and started to demand that I strip. I was only too happy to do that for them and as each item of clothing was removed they became louder and more animated. I was not wearing much and in no time I stood before them naked, except for my strappy sandals, while their hungry eyes explored my body.

The bartender yelled he was first and subsequent cries of second, third, forth and the oldest looking yelled ’slops’ to everyone’s amusement.

I was lifted up onto the table and pushed onto my back. Soon I was spread wide open as each of my legs were held by a guy and my tits were getting plenty of attention from two of the others. The bartender stood between my open legs and started to finger my gash. I moaned begging to be fucked as the combined attention being shown to me had me wanting to be used. The barman undid his belt and let his pants drop to around his ankles. Next he dragged down his boxers freeing his stiff cock.

There were no formalities he spat on his hand smearing the spit over the head and shaft of his cock before grabbing my hips and sinking his cock into me in one swift hard thrust. I gasped and moaned at his entry. He immediately began to thrust, fucking me in long deep strokes. He did not last long and soon sighed as he shot his spunk into me. Withdrawing he stood beside me taking one of my legs off the man who called that he was next. He went through the same motions dropping his pants and thrusting into me. He fucked me hard and fast lasting longer than the barman but different as he was able to make me cum as I moaned and squirmed on the table. He soon blew and was replaced by another. This went on till all had had at least one go at my cunt.

Some had the stamina to pump me a second time emptying the last of their watery /semen/">semen into me. I was allowed up and given a drink but was not allowed to dress. The guys played with my body sucking on my breasts and nipples and fingering my dirty sticky box and exploring my anus. A couple of the younger ones got hard again and got me to bend over the table and started to fuck my pussy from behind before withdrawing quickly then sliding their cocks into my anus and finishing off in my bowels.

Well after midnight the barmen said it was time for all to go but as I tried to leave he grabbed me saying to wait till last. The old boys kissed me and thanked me for a wonderful night and they left for their homes. The barman said it was late and I should not be driving due to the animals on the road. He offered me a room upstairs and breakfast before I left next morning. He smiled saying he also wanted to fuck me again. I did not feel like driving after the long sex session blowjob porn videos so I accepted adding that I could do with another good /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck on as soft bed.

We went up to the room it was small but clean with a double bed dominating the room. I lay back on the bed with a pillow under my bum as I wanted as much of his dick in me he could get. I spread my legs wide and let him mount me. I was so wet with the guys cum he had no difficulty in sinking his dick all the way inside in one thrust. I loved the feel of his /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock and the squishing sound my well lubed cunt was making as he pounded me hard. He grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs up almost to my ears ordering me to hold them there. I was as wide as I could get and he fucked me with vigor sinking inside me even more.

I could feel my vaginal sheath stretch in length and I felt full. I urged him on telling him to use me and /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder. He ground his cock into me with each thrust and soon I cried out in orgasm. Again wetting his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls with my cum. He had not cum but withdrew telling me to roll over. I did and he roughly spread my legs again grabbing the frothy mix of cum from my pussy and smearing it over my /asshole/">asshole. He again mounted me this time pushing his cock into my ass.

We were both so wet that he slid into me easily with little resistance or pain. In a few thrusts he was deep in my bowels and began to thrust as hard as he had in my cunt. I urged him on telling him to not pull out but to dump his load inside me. He fucked me so hard and I pushed back on him as he thrust into me wanting to feel all of him in me. I heard him groan and his thrusts became ragged. A deep long sigh told me he was Cumming and then I felt his shot of warmth flood me. He gave a few more ragged thrusts before collapsing on top of me. The weight of his body on top of me was nice and I could feel his dick shrink then come out of me. He rolled off and we spooned with him behind me hugging me and clutching one of my breasts.

We fell asleep and I slept till awoken in the early morning with his hand caressing and exploring my body. When he realized I too was awake he rolled me onto my back and began sucking my breasts and nipples while at the same time fingering my sticky spunk covered slit. I moaned spreading my legs. Draping one over his. A finger made a beeline to my clit and he lightly rubbed my button as it got harder and more prominent. I was writhing and moaning under his attention and soon I shuddered then stiffened arching in /climax/">climax. As soon as I had collapsed back onto the bed he was on top of me pushing inside my sensitive and still quivering gash. I again arched and moaned in /surprise/">surprise at his rapid entry. He fucked me deep and fast and as I had not fully come back to earth from my climax it took only a few thrusts into my depths to bring on another.

Again I stiffened begging him to fuck me deep. My tightening orgasming cunt made him lose control as well and he swore as he flooded my insides again with cum. After a quick shower and breakfast he sent me on my way but not after a final passionate kiss and feel of my breasts. The rest of the trip was almost uneventful with only one sexual experience at a truck stop not far from home.