Dreams Wished Into Reality II

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Dreams Wished Into Reality II

My first sequel, hope you like it! Please tell me if you do and any ideas are always welcome!

Though Ariel and Jessie had had wonderful sex many times after that first night, none were quite as amazing as her first lesbian encounter. Ariel spent day after day pleasuring herself when Jessie wasnt around, trying to find her next sexual high. Her exploration time had been cut short though, because of the new job she had gotten. Ariel was excited about it, seeing as it was in an office and she got to wear /cute/">cute outfits everyday.

A few weeks into her new job, Ariel had made many new friends, especially her male co-workers who made passes at her daily. Yet she was used to it, and had not been in the mood for men for a long while, especially since there was someone else on her mind. Teri, Ariels superior in the office, was an amazingly beautiful black woman, about 55, sultry mocha tinted skin and stick straight shiny black hair that went down to her bra clasp. Ariel fantasized about her everytime she masturbated, and even sometimes as she made love to Jessie. With Ariels perfectly tanned skin and /exotic/">exotic features, she thought that her and Teri would make a great couple; especially since they both had what were probably D cups and round asses, she thought it would be heaven to fuck someone as white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie sexy and womanly as herself. But if this was never to be, Ariel had at least begun to develop a great friendship with her during their lunch breaks, and only then since their offices were far apart from eachothers.

One Friday afternoon, Ariel had run into Teri in the /women/">womens bathroom.
"Happy its friday, Teri?" said Ariel, washing her hands in the sink.
"Not really, I have to stay late today and finish up a bunch of work, ill be the one closing up the office tonight!"
Ariel thought about this for a moment, then after drying her hands and applying some more dark red lipstick, she gained up the courage to say,
"You know, I dont have anything going on tonight, do you need some help?"

Teri replied, "Oh you would be a life saver! Ill come by your office in a few minutes to show you what i need you to do for me. Thank you so much for helping me on a friday night! I promise Ill make it up to you."

And with this Teri walked out of the bathroom, but not before giving Ariel a subtle wink and brushing her hand down the small of Ariels back, grazing her ass before pulling away.
Ariel didnt know if this was a mistake, but she couldnt contain her excitement; for even if nothing happened tonight, she would still get to spend quality time with this beautiful woman.
The office started clearing out, as it was past 5 and time to go home. Ariel sat nervously at her computer, staring at the screen and trying to take her mind off of anything sexual. She didnt want her pussy to be wet or her nipples to show through her white blouse while she was with Teri. Suddenly Ariel felt a hand on her shoulder, and got an whiff of some intoxicating perfume coming from behind her. Teri bent forward to address Ariel, her breasts visible from the top of her blouse, making it difficult to avoid staring down it. As Teri began to show Ariel the various programs she needed to work on, she noticed Ariels wandering eyes; then lowered herself closer, to where her instructions were said so close to Ariels ears that Teris /sweet/">sweet breath made her shiver.

"You got that sweetie?" Said Teri, "Hey, are you cold? Youre nipples look like they could cut glass!"
Ariel just let out some awkward kind of nervous laughter, yet she couldnt really form words, so she just nodded her head no.
"Well, I could massage them for you, it might warm you up a little?"
As she said this, Teri positioned herself directly behind her coworker, unbuttoned the first couple of buttons of Ariels low cut blouse, and slid her hands down her heaving chest. Gliding her hand past her lacey bra, Teri cupped one breast in each hand, and began massaging them slowly and sensually. Ariel leaned back in her chair, resting her head on Teris shoulder, next to her face.

"Mmm thats right. That feels better now doesnt it? Tell me how that feels."
Ariel tried hard to find words to say, yet they werent coming out. Teri then took both erect nipples into her hands and began rolling them in between her immaculately polished fingers; squeezing them a little roughly to try and get an answer out of Ariel.
"Yes.. Yes it feels wonderful. I, I feel so much better now..." Said Ariel in a shaky, lust filled voice.
Teri then pulled her hands out of Ariels bra, much to her dissappointment. She then peeked outside the door, and smiled as she saw that everyone had left the office except for them.
"Lets go to my office, shall we? I think we can get a lot more work done there. Said Teri.

The two walked out of the small room, into the hallway, the only noise heard was the clicks of their stilleto heels hitting the floor as they hurried to the elevator. ARiels breasts were hanging out of her opened blouse, as her bra could barely contain them anyway. Her inner thighs were becoming warm and clammy, because of her lack of panties (Ariel loved to go commando); which Teri found out as soon as they got into the elevator. Teri pushed Ariel to the wall of the elevator and began to kiss her furiously. She lifted her horny co-workers foot onto the elevators handrail, high enough so she could feel stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv the cool, crisp breeze of the conditioned air waving into her skirt and past her /pussy/hot-pussy/hot-pussy-lips/">hot pussy lips. Teri put her hand under Ariels skirt and reached for her cunt, being even more insanely turned on as she touched bare, slippery skin with a small patch of hair instead of the lacey panties she was expecting. She then pushed Ariels skirt up towards her waist so she could get a good view of this marvelous pussy.

She turned her back for a second and pressed the stop button on the elevator, to give them more time in the sexy position she had Ariel in. Teri turned back to Ariel, and got on her knees, staring at the steaming pussy in front of her. She breathed in deeply through her teeth with a sexy hiss and sighed with satisfaction, "Fuck, your pussy looks even better than I imagined. You have no idea what im going to do with this pussy. Ive been waiting so long to fuck you."
And with this, Teri moved in closer on Ariels pussy, placed her hands on the rails of the elevator (one hand next to ariels waist and the other underneath her thigh) and lightly slid the tip of her tounge from the bottom of Ariels pussy lips to the top, stopping right after she brushed the little protruding tip of her clit.

Ariels body shook as she relaxed her head against the elevator wall, looking up at the mirrored ceiling of the elevator, watching this /ebony/sexy-ebony/">sexy ebony womans head moving slowly in between her spread legs, manuvering around her throbbing pussy. Teri then pushed her tounge through the soaked lips and began to draw circles around Ariels clit, randomly flicking it now and then, then sliding it downwards and sticking it inside of her twitching hole. Teri then opened her mouth wide and began sucking on the inner lips, clit, and at times the outer lips of Ariels pussy. She quivered and shook as Teri moaned and made her pussy lightly vibrate with her lustfilled voice. Ariel ripped open what was left of her shirt, the buttons flying across the marble floors of the elevator. She threw off her blouse and pulled down the straps of her bra, making it easier for her to lift her soft breasts out and massage them with her shaking hands. She kneaded her nipples as she looked up to the ceiling to watch the amazing view. Teri was going full force now, and Ariel could see her head shaking back and forth as Teri took her clit and sucked on it wildly then moved her head up and down as she licked up and down her pussy, pressing hardly.

"You like that baby? You like that when I lick your wet little fucking pussy?"
"Ohhh yes baby, i love it i fucking love it OHH yes, ooooh. mmmmmm." Screamed Ariel.
When it came to the point where Ariel could barely keep herself up, Teri turned around and released the stop button on the elevator.

Part III coming soon if you like this one...