Sam and His Lactating Lover

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Sam and His Lactating Lover

Patty had ever been a friend of Sam?s family. Her and her husband, Tom, had lived next to the Russell?s since Sam was a young boy. Patty had been a babysitter, /sister/big-sister/">big sister, and friend all rolled up in one for a long, long time. Unfortunately, Tom had been killed in an automobile accident just recently.

His neighbor had little time to mourn for her husband. Little Timothy had been born a month ago, fatherless, and Patty had her hands full with the duties of a mother and keeping the house in order. It was lucky for her that Tim had purchased a very expensive insurance policy on himself. He had left his wife and newborn /son/">son well off.

But although financially stable, Patty Russell was a novice at raising a child. Her mother had died a few years earlier, and her dad, although still alive, was not much help in the ways of motherhood. She was on her own.

For Sam, his relationship with Patty had changed dramatically since Tim?s death. Encouraged by his /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad, he was always around, helping his neighbor around the house. Although his mom and dad paid him a nice allowance, Sam would have done it for free. Such was his devotion to his former babysitter.

One day Sam went over to check on Patty. He slipped inside her front door and called out to her. ?Patty! Are you here?? He heard nothing, but he knew that she might be putting Timothy down for a nap, or changing his diaper. So he sat down on the living room couch to wait for his friend to appear.

The house was quiet, like a church on a week day. Sam closed his eyes and waited in the silence.

It was a small sound that caught his ear. Upstairs, he was sure, a little cry came forth. It sounded like Patty. It seemed to come from the bathroom. Sam got up and climbed the stairs, pausing to listen for another cry.

The cry came, a quiet, agonizing wail that made him realize Patty was in pain. He hesitated at the bathroom door, unsure what to do. She let out another moan, and he knocked gingerly at the door. ?Patty. Are you alright in there??

The moan was muffled quickly. ?Sam. Is that you?? When he replied that it was, she had him open the bathroom door. ?What can I do, Patty?? He looked in, but just as quickly looked away. Patty was standing naked in the shower shaking. She was in pain.

?Come in here, Sam. I can?t take it anymore. This is the third time this week, but now I cannot get past this point.? Sam stepped inside the door and sat down on the toilet seat. He kept his eyes averted like a gentleman.
?Sam, I know this is weird, but Timothy isn?t feeling well, and so he isn?t breast-feeding enough. I?ve tried to save some in bottles, but my?my breasts are filling too fast, and they get hard and painful when they get too full. I think?I know I am going to need some help.? She gasped in pain.
?My mom should be home in another hour or so, Patty. Do you want me to call her?? Patty groaned out loud. ?No, Sam. I can?t wait that long. You?re going to have to help me.? She paused, looking at Sam?s face.
?I don?t know, Patty. I mean, I?ve never?? His voice trailed off. He was embarrassed. He had seen naked /women/">women before, in a friend?s magazine, but other than that. ?What do I do??

Patty sighed. ?Well, the first thing you have to do is promise never to tell your parents or any of your friends. You have to promise me, Sam! I know I am asking a lot, but I?m in pain, and right now you are my only option. I just can?t go to /jail/">jail because of this. Do you understand?? Sam nodded. He had seen enough on television to know that what his friend was asking was /taboo/">taboo.
?Alright?, he sighed. ?What do you need me to do?? Patty looked him over. ?Well, the first thing you have to do is to take your clothes off. I need you to get in the shower with me. We don?t want you leaving my house with your clothes wet. But before that, while I?m thinking of it, is for you to lock the front door. We don?t want unwelcome visitors, do we?? She smiled at her friend.

Sam locked the front door, and then walked shaking back to the bathroom. He had never done anything like this before. Patty was very beautiful, but she was like a sister to him. His thoughts had never ventured further than a general admiring of her figure when her back was turned. Now he was going to get naked with her!

When he slipped into the bathroom again, Patty was quivering in pain. ?I won?t look, Sam. Take your clothes off and then slip in behind me. I?ll tell you what to do then.? Sam took his clothes off slowly. He could feel a part of him getting hard just because of what he was doing and whose presence he was in at the time.

Once he was naked, he jumped into the shower with Patty. ?Come close now, Sam. Don?t be afraid. I won?t touch you. I just need you to squeeze my breasts slowly, over and over, while we let the hot water spray over them. The hot water will help us express my milk out of my nipples, and hopefully I can empty my tits out and the pain will stop.?

As he pressed against her back, his hardened cock poked her in the behind. ?Oh, my!? Patty giggled. ?I didn?t think of that. Well, let?s just ignore your friend for a bit. I can tend to him later, if necessary.? Sam didn?t quite know what she meant by that. He reached around her and she helped him grasp her large, full breasts. ?Be gentle?, she pleaded.
Patty?s breasts were rock-hard. Even in his naivety, Sam knew that something was indeed wrong. Too many hugs from his mom had showed him the softness of a woman?s breasts. His friend?s were way too hard to be normal.

Together they began to squeeze her breasts as gently as possible. Patty began to cry. The pain was unbearable! As the hot water cascaded across her body, Sam continued to do his duty. It seemed like fifteen minutes had passed, but in just three minutes his friend gasped in joy. ?My milk is coming out!?

Patty leaned against him in relief as he kept on massaging his friend?s breasts. With her head nestled next to his, Sam had a clear view of, not only her breasts, but her entire body. Just past her little paunch was a thatch of blondish-brown hair; a dark triangle that led into the brown lips of her pussy. His cock pressed harder into her ass.

?Ah! Your friend is back, I see.? Sam turned red in embarrassment. He couldn?t help his body?s natural reaction to his neighbor?s naked body. After all, she was beautiful, even as a new mother.
Sam marveled at Patty?s body. Her breasts were large and full. He knew nothing about bra sizes, but his hands were almost hidden underneath. In truth, Patty was a 35DD before her pregnancy. Now that she was lactating, her bra size had grown to a 36DDD.

Her nipples and areolas were darker now, although Sam wouldn?t have known it. Instead of a light cream, they had turned to a tan, and had grown significantly. She was proud of her tits! But there was no one to see them, now that Tim was dead. Sam was the first one to get a glimpse of her large lovelies.

Although she had not yet lost all the pounds she gained during the pregnancy, Patty had lost most of it. All that was left was a small paunch and a more voluptuous figure. She had foregone shaving her pubic hair ever since Tim had sexxxx video ful hd died. He had always shaved her pussy for her. Now her hair was lush, Patty having only continued a light trimming over the last month.
As if sensing his eyes on her body, Patty spread her /feet/">feet a little further apart to give him a better view of her pussy. ?You are a tease!? She thought to herself. He had already seen her naked, though. What did it matter to give him more of a show? Sam deserved it.

The water had grown white on the floor of the tub as Patty?s breast milk mixed with the shower water. Both of them watched the fluid drain out. After several minutes more, Patty reached over and shut off the water. Then xxx sex video download free com she turned and looked into Sam?s eyes. ?Let me get you a towel, honey.?

They dried themselves off, Sam?s eyes never leaving his friend?s body. ?Do you like my body, Sam?? Patty grinned wryly at her helper. Sam nodded. ?I think you look beautiful, Patty?, he gushed. His cock was still hard, a fact that didn?t go unnoticed by Patty.

?Now, Sam. There is something I?d like to do for you?, she said, as she knelt before him.